PACT Falls Apart

One would have thought that the political rhetoric of the army of young aspirants vying for the presidential seat of the federal republic of Nigeria, if it was anything to go by, was a definite departure from business as usual. However, recent events reiterate the absence of a discipline, organized and formidable team to challenge... Continue Reading →

Touring Vienna in Spring.

Day 1, Scene 1 (17:15 pm): My cheri amour had informed me that it was best I picked the CAT train to the final train station: Landstrabe, and then a connecting train from train line U4 to Spittelau. Well, I decided to do otherwise. I tried out the regional train OBB and, I almost missed... Continue Reading →

#FromNadirToApogee: Leadership Discourse for Social Impact.

#FromNadirToApogee is a platform for dialogue: a space for personal and social reformation. This platform is a melting point of ideas from dynamic youths across Africa. Ideas that spans transformational leadership, educational development, business insight etc. Discussions on this platform are flexible and are in tune with growing challenges across Africa as they emerge. The first... Continue Reading →


Anathema! Anathema!! Anathema!!! deafening screams waging war, define me if you would, it’s my word against theirs.   Anathema! Anathema!! deadening screams easing away, understand me if you could, the beauty of my epicenity.   Ana - - Anathema! whispers of a frightened world, accept me if you care, the thrills of an evolving being.... Continue Reading →

Love Speaks

Love peeps from the door left ajar, silver lining it seems for a life gone sore, nudge off the cliff of despair to a blanket of hope slather by men, like a feel of Grishneshwar temple drop.   Love dances like the rain, on corrugated sheets of desires, chattering her way to delight, bringing a... Continue Reading →

The Alliance for New Nigeria Might Just Be That Revolutionary Party

The young generation of technocrats swarming the political space is a development long overdue. The decision of these optimistic young men to take the political bulls by the horn is something we never envisaged would happen quite soon. It has been spoken about in various platforms, but there had not been strong indicators that suggest... Continue Reading →

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