Love Speaks

Love peeps from the door left ajar,

silver lining it seems for a life gone sore,

nudge off the cliff of despair

to a blanket of hope slather by men,

like a feel of Grishneshwar temple drop.


Love dances like the rain,

on corrugated sheets of desires,

chattering her way to delight,

bringing a brittle and adrift heart to safety,

a piece of peace she once smeared.


Love speaks in ancient tongues –

lama sabachthani – why have you forsake me,

cradled in the rumbled beats of expectations,

preyed by my deferential delusions,

ruffled by salient silence.


Writer:   Samuel Edet



And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods make heaven drowsy with the harmony.  (William Shakespeare)





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