Touring Vienna in Spring.

Day 1, Scene 1 (17:15 pm):

My cheri amour had informed me that it was best I picked the CAT train to the final train station: Landstrabe, and then a connecting train from train line U4 to Spittelau. Well, I decided to do otherwise. I tried out the regional train OBB and, I almost missed the Landstrabe stop. Finding the train line U4, was pretty interesting. I had an interesting experience with an elderly woman in a wheel chair. I must admit I was a bit in a rush because the connecting train was about leaving. While in the elevator, the elderly woman had wheeled herself out of the road for me to leave the elevator. However, the elevator was almost closing before she could wheel herself back in. At that point, I rushed back, and made sure she could get in. The woman’s dismay for what had happened evolved into outbursts of some German words I could not comprehend. I could tell from her countenance that she was unhappy. I simply smiled as she reminded me of my grandma and I said I was sorry in English hoping she understood.


WhatsApp Image 2018-04-30 at 01.24.53
Night life in Vienna.

Day 1, Scene 2 (21:30 pm):

Our intention was to take a walk at night in order to observe the night life in Vienna. Surprisingly, at 20:00 pm, the sky was as bright as 16:00 pm. We waited a while until 21:30 pm. Trust me, the atmosphere was refreshing, the beer and wine shops were still operating and we could still find young and old cycling. Although, there weren’t too many cars on the road, the trams and trains were still gyrating with life. Along the road, we stopped by a food cart to get some shrimps and drinks. It was utterly difficult communicating with the seller but alas, we managed.  A young guy came to our rescue, and we were able to get our meal.  I had hardly sat down before I delightfully relished every bit of the meal in the serene open space provided.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-30 at 01.39.20
Carriage for Tourists.

Day 2, Scene 1 (15:00 pm):

I spent a large chunk of the second day in my hotel room: Ibis style, listening to Trevor Noah’s audio book: Born a crime; and also doing some personal development plan and personal evaluation. I had planned the evening as a time for me to get lost. I love getting lost especially when I do not have my phone on me – LOL. I love that excitement that comes with the realization of being lost, the adrenaline rush. So, I tried meandering, and tried not to register any place in mind. But, my shitty mind disappointed me. So, I entered a few florist shops to shop for flowers. My interaction with the first florist was not successful, as it was difficult describing what I wanted. However, the florist in the second shop had a very good grasp of English which lent continuity to our conversation. He gave me a very good insight as to what I wanted.

Day 3, Scene 1 (10:00 am):

After breakfast at Ibis hotel, we had Dr. Alexander Stollhof come around to take us on a city tour. Alexander is an historian and a state certified tourist guide. I must admit he is a very good tourist guide. He can be reached through We visited a couple of places in the city center: The Minoritenplatz church, Albertina museum, Daun Kinski palace, Beethoven’s home, Rose garden, Hofburg imperial palace, Hapsburg palace, Coffee house, Opera house, Sisi museum etc. Everywhere we visited had an intoxicating history. What was interesting about the tour was the historical perspective Stollhof shared with us. At some point his narrative became quite emotional when we got to the front of the Hapsburg palace. He spoke about the history of the Soviet Union, the Austrian-Hungarian empire and what he felt about the collapse. For me, the best sight was the statue of the Archduke Charles of Austria in front of the Hofburg imperial palace, Archduke Charles was the commander of Austria, from who Napoleon suffered his first significant defeat. However, the failure of Charles to follow-up on his indecisive victory made him lose Vienna to Napoleon. I eventually gave a thought to this story later at night, which led me to a conclusion of the maxim-  ‘what is worth doing, is worth doing well’.

Day 3, Scene 2 (7:15 pm): 

We visited the English cinema Haydn to watch the movie Avengers: Infinity war. English cinema Haydn is a simple cinema, not too sophisticated when compared to other cinemas I have visited. The quality of service offered there is highly satisfactory and the workers are quite friendly. I remember, one of the ladies enthusiastically helping us arrange a taxi back to the hotel.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-30 at 01.24.52
View of the museum on history of nature from the Rose garden.

Day 4, Scene 1 (5:00 am):

Christian is a Romanian. He was the taxi man who took us to the airport. I had a wonderful time talking to Christian. Personally, I enjoy talking to taxi drivers, and the taxi drivers in Austria are great conversationalist. If you speak German, come on you just speak to the heart of the driver. Christian told me about himself, how long he had been in Austria, how lovely his 15 years old daughter is, and how much he misses Romania. We talked about the opportunities in Vienna, and how it was different from his home town. He was objective, and I could sense sincerity in his words.

The conversation I had with Christian, was my last touch with Austria and I must say, sitting at the back of that taxi and peeping out at the exquisite surrounding only left me yearning for more of the splendor I had come to acquaintance with during my brief stay.


Writer: Samuel Edet


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