Few Passionate Men

It is 3:45am and my eyes have refused to enjoy the pleasure of darkness. However, my mind has been in the business of bouncing all around for succor. It is gotten to a pleasurable and memorable experience I had as an intern: an experience I had with Dr. Tunde Sodade: the managing director of Lekki... Continue Reading →

Thought on Pain and Fear

The last few days for me have been moment of deep reflection about life. In the last few days, my experiences have made me think deeply about the concept of fear and pain. It is quite surprising that on Monday, 5th February, which was exactly one year I lost my dad, happened to be the... Continue Reading →

Christmas Finds Me

Christmas finds me, stuck in a monastery, in a cold and sterile room, seeping silence - making wishes, and thinking of loved ones.   Christmas finds me, walking the street of cobblestone, with pleasurable contemplation, under the safety of history, and her breath of kindness.   Christmas finds me, in the company of friends, gossiping... Continue Reading →

Lady Snow

Still laid on frozen bed; with a book clutched to her chest; and coffee ready to be sipped; the street of knowledge she threads; to her delightful dread.   She bask in the sight full of white; blown away by the mystery that puzzle men; her claws clutched to her garb, like all she ever had.   Strolling... Continue Reading →

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