Recent publications:

R. Belderbos, F. Benoit, S. Edet, M. Riccaboni, G.H. Lee, “Global Cities’ Cross-Border Innovation Network” In D. Castellani, A. Perri, V. Scalera, A. Zanfei, Cross-Border Innovation in a Changing World: Players, Places, and Policies, Oxford University Press, 2022.

S. Edet, P. Panzarasa, M. Riccaboni, Global Cities in International Networks of Innovators, Advances in Complex Systems, 2021.

Data Study Group Final Report: Cats AI, “Communicating high-street bakery sales predictions using counterfactual explanations“, Alan Turing Institute Publication, 2021.

S. Edet, Recurrent Neural Networks in Forecasting S&P 500 Index, SSRN (available on, 2017.  (Python Code)

Work in Progress:

S. Edet, M. Riccaboni, Economic Complexity and Forecasting Competitiveness of Global Cities Using Machine Learning Approach.

S. Edet, R. Belderbos, M. Riccaboni, Exploratory Innovation in Cities: Inter-City ties and Technological Relatedness.

S. Edet, M. Riccaboni, Community Detection on Hypergraphs of Innovators in Global Cities. (target journal: Entropy Journal).

L.Yelibi, S. Edet, Time-series Pairwise Association Graphical Representation. (target journal: Journal of Finance).

S. Edet, Granger Causality Between Green Patent and Trade Networks (target journal: ???)


Lecture on Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Science Nigeria Bootcamp, 2019.

IMT School for Advanced Studies Welcome Address, Italy, 2019.

Lecture on Feature Engineering, Data Science Nigeria, AI Hub, University of Lagos, 2018.

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